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How To Play The SCR888 Fish Shooting Game

Fish shooting game online Which we are familiar with. Initially the game was originally in a casino The beginning of the coin game How to play in the old days is Drop coins into the fish shooting game cabinet. From then, we can choose to play the game from the many cabinets lined up. Enjoyment And the fun of playing fish shooting games is the colorful colors and the realistic atmosphere of the underwater world. And the challenge of hunting for points from fish shooting

Nowadays, free fish shooting games from vending machine games have been developed into games that are extremely easy to play and understandable, with almost no effort. What was further developed from the coin-operated aquarium fish shooting game was more fun. Due to the variety of fish shooting games, it is called a level of play that we can develop ourselves more and more according to the game as well as the animation of the game. The reality of things Under the increasing sea And have new features In the game increased More importantly, we can play fish shooting games anywhere, no time limit because we have what is known as online games, the internet and modern communication tools. These three things together in this two thousand era. So we can almost create everything in one click and play fish shooting games. SCR888 So likewise, we call that Casino online or G-club sure enough.

Rules for playing fish shooting games, (How to play fish shooting games)

  1. Become a member to access the gaming services.
  2. When the application is completed, will receive a User Name and Password to log in to the system.
  3. Log in and deposit money into the account.
  4. After that, choose the game menu, fish shooting game

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The style of playing fish shooting games of SCR888 will have a total of 3 rooms or 3 types

  1. Bet 1-9 Bet. This type of gun is used as a single head gun. One shot at a time And can choose how many credits to shoot at a time (In playing the fish shooting game of SCR888 assign credit is 1 credit = 50 satang) and we can choose to play from 1-9 credits. Playing in this form is considered to be the easiest to play in all 3 modes of play. Form, so anyone who is new to driving Suggest to hold the first stick at this checkpoint first
  2. Bet 10-90. This type of bet is for people who turn pro from the first bet because this is a two-shot shot at one time and credit can be chosen based on the bet amount, which is 10-90 credits.
  3. 100-1000 Bet. This format is a play where we can shoot using 3 bullets at a time. And can also choose credits as according to the bet amount, which is 100 – 1000 credits. The final form is the most difficult form of shooting. Suitable for professionals

Techniques for playing fish shooting games to make money (mobile fish shooting games)

Although playing SCR888 Fish Shooting Game is a simple game to play. And not difficult to understand But playing fish shooting games can accumulate a lot of credits Well, not that there will be a gun and can be indiscriminately shot. We need to have playing techniques in order to not waste credits in vain. Don’t forget that each shot fired means the amount of credits exchanged with the cash invested in our fire credits. Therefore, which gun to choose and which target to shoot, there should be a game plan. Will be the best, so for the first time We therefore recommend playing 1-9 Bet first to see the trends of the game. And different types of fish Familiarize yourself first When it comes to playing in a higher format, it’s easier

The next step is to Play calmly

Because in the game there is something that does not go according to plan and is not what we want anyway. For example, the dragon fish, which is a bonus fish, is a boss fish. How many shots are so difficult to shoot? Causing us to lose free credits a lot, but Fish still won’t die at this point. Do not be upset at all, because it will lose the whole game

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Finally, whenever there are a lot of fish coming out Don’t be shot

Finally, whenever there are a lot of fish coming out Don’t be shot As to randomly shoot, it must definitely hit the target, small fish or big fish This is a very incorrect understanding. Because of the bombardment In addition to not being targeted at all, it is also a very waste of natural resources. Because our credits run out very quickly with this kind of shot. Causing to frequently top up Although it may not be able to accumulate credits at all This way we can lose.

SCR888 Fish Shooting Game And all of this is How to play fish shooting games and good techniques. Friends, play and do as we recommend. All of this will be the foundation for everyone to be able to develop themselves to be a professional. But must parenthesis Must practice often to be proficient