Sabon Card is a card game

Sabon Card Rules And How To Win And Capture!

Sabon Card is a card game based Sabon Card Rules on the popular fighting cock in the Philippines. It is a game that wins which of “ MELON ” and “ WALA ” wins.

How to win a Sabon card and how to capture it
The Game – Pocket Kings deep DOF, showing the flop of 2 Kings clearly.

Savon Card / Basic Rules

One card is distributed to each of Melon and Walla, and the card with the stronger card wins.

Savon Card Rules and Card Strength

“A” is the weakest card and “K” is the strongest card.

The mark (suit) is also strong, with the strongest spades and the weakest hearts, clubs, and diamonds.

The mark (suit) is also strong

If the same number and the same mark appear on both, it will be a draw.

Sabon card game flow and how to bet chips

Sabon Card Rules If you have an open table, you can always sit back and start playing. If you want to stop, you can leave your seat freely.

” No More bets (No more Bet) and”, you bet until the dealer says.

The basic choice is melon or walla.

In addition to the above two options, there are three types of betting (side betting).

▼ Mark Wage (SUIT WAGER) Bet on the winning mark (spade, heart, club or diamond).

However, if the same number appears, it will be handled as a draw.

Sabon Card is a card game

The same number appears for both PAIR WAGERs.

The same number appears

Sabon Card Dividend

The basics are double if you guess!

Mark bets are 4 times, pairs are 11 times, perfect pairs are 51 times.

* For draw (push), the wager will be refunded.

How to win a Sabon card and how to capture it

Sabon Card is a card game

Since you can’t do anything on your own, you can’t take advantage of your skills, and it’s a game of luck, so the only way to control it is by how to bet chips.

There is also a way to continue betting on three with Mark betting, but this is only a ton.